January 2011 Employees of the Month

| January 18, 2011

Amy Clayton, coordinator, Student Health Services, and Prapapon (Pum) Detsakda, registrar, Thailand Campus, share the Employee Spotlight honors for January 2011.

Pum Detsakda

Pum Detsakda‘s nominator says she is valued at the Thailand Campus for being a reliable and able performer in her area of responsibility. But this fall Detsakda went well beyond what might be expected of her.

When a study abroad student became ill and had to be hospitalized, Detsakda spent an entire weekend at the hospital with her. Afterward, the student’s family contacted the Study Abroad office in St. Louis several times to say how much they appreciated all Detsakda had done for their daughter during those weeks.

“Initially I just planned to visit her briefly at the hospital, to see how she was doing,” Detsakda says. “They I saw that apart from being physically sick, she was also homesick and really in bad shape. She asked me not to leave her alone so I accompanied her at the hospital for a few days.”

Imagining how hard it would be to be in the hospital in a foreign country where you didn’t speak the language made Detsakda want to help the student. “I did not really expect any credit as an employee,” she says. “It was more like I did it just for my own reason as a friend or a human being.”

Detsakda enjoys her position and her colleagues in St. Louis, in Thailand and with Webster’s other international campuses, who have supported and guided her in her job.

Detsakda chose a day off with pay as her prize.

Amy Clayton

Amy Clayton came to work in Student Health Services close to three years ago when the department was experiencing a complete reorganization and staff turnover, which included a move to a new campus location.

“Amy took all of this in stride,” her nominator says. “What she has accomplished and set in motion over the past two years has been fantastic. She has contributed to the overall performance of our department and enhanced service to students throughout the entire University network.”

Clayton’s nominator praises the way she has handled the challenging task of coordinating the University’s health insurance plan.

In her position as liaison between international students, the insurance carrier and the University, Clayton created a process whereby these students can easily enroll into the program during one of 10 enrollment periods per year.

“This has dramatically changed the scope of the department and allowed our students to have health insurance as their scheduling permits and it has also been cost effective for the University,” says her nominator.

“Amy has been a positive influence and role model and is a true asset, not only to our department, but to the entire University,” the nominator concludes. “She is a super star!”

With Student Health Services for close to three years, Clayton says she loves working with students on a one-on-one basis and helping them adjust the insurance plan to fit their individual needs.

“Many people do not know our insurance program is available to all students at any U.S. campus, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. The program is constantly evolving and growing and I’m eager to see how the program continues to evolve to best fit the nedds of all our student populations.

“It’s very rewarding to hear we are making a difference in the lives of so many students because of this insurance plan,” she says.

Clayton chose a day of with pay as her prize.

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  1. Joe B. says:

    It is not surprising that the female tradition of Maude Kearney Browning, Mary Lou Browning Shelton and Jan Shelton Farmer would have anything other than an accomplisher who has taken her great female talents to an all new level. Congratulations Amy for bring positive vibes to the Shelton-Browning-Farmer names.

  2. Carrie says:

    Congratulations, Pum!  We’re so happy to see you’ve received this honor.  You’re amazing to work with and have done so much for our students.  You deserve this! 

  3. Lee G says:

    Congrats, Pum!

    “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”–Dalai Lama