December 2010 Campus Kudos

| December 22, 2010

Mehdi Ali, professor of Economics, Webster Vienna,  participated in an international solar energy conference Oct. 10 in Saudi Arabia. Following the conference, Ali wrote an article, “Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia – Historical Perspectives and Current Status,” which traced the efforts of Saudi Arabia to tap its enormous potential in solar energy. Saudi Arabia boasts an average solar radiation of 1,700 – 2,200 kWh/m2 per year, which is among the highest in the world. The article also highlights the ambition of Saudi Arabia to achieve 15% of electricity generation from solar energy by 2020, to use solar energy in its large water desalination projects and to become an exporter of solar energy, in addition to being the largest exporter of oil within OPEC. Ali’s article was recognized by the Arab Energy Forum, which consists of internationally renowned energy experts and senior energy officials in the Middle East. The article was translated into Arabic and published in the Forum’s website.

Webster’s Geneva Campus was highlighted in the article, “View of European education helps grad students develop leadership skills,” July 29, 2010, Indiana State University online publication. A group of 15 graduate students from Indiana State University, along with Charlie Potts, assistant vice president, Student Affairs, and professor Denise Collins, stayed at the Geneva campus visiting with a variety of individuals to learn more about Webster’s international scope and international programs.

Bethany Keller, senior academic advisor, Academic Advising, recently teamed up with Bridget Flaherty of the University of North Dakota and Catherine Born of the University of Minnesota to present the session, “Developing a Training Framework for Increasing Intercultural Awareness on Your Campus,” at the NAFSA Omaha regional conference. The presentation was selected as the Best Session of the conference, and Keller and team have been invited to present it again at the North American NAFSA conference to be held in Vancouver in late May. Keller has represented Webster University this year as a NAFSA Academy Fellow.

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