December 2010 Employee Spotlight

| December 21, 2010

Liza Schultheis, communications specialist, Public Safety, and Amanda Cebula, community relations coordinator, Ocala Metropolitan Campus, Fla., share the employee spotlight honors for December 2010.

Liza Schulthies

Liza Schultheis‘ nominator credits her for helping bring the RAD (Rape, Aggression, Defense) program to the University. Schultheis and a Webster student brought the program to the attention of Joyce Bork, director, Professional Sciences Program, who agreed to sponsor it. RAD is now offered as a one-credit course through the Biological Sciences department.

More than 400 women have competed the RAD course since Schultheis began teaching it in 2003. An advanced RAD course was added three years later, and many graduates of the basic course have returned to take additional training.

In addition to this achievement, Schultheis’ nominator says, “Liza is an exceptional individual with a charming personality who really likes people.”

The people from diverse cultures and backgrounds she has met during her 13-year career with Public Safety is one of the things Schultheis most enjoys about her job.

“I have to say working with the students is the thing that makes my job most meaningful,” Schultheis says. She especially enjoys watching the students who come into the university “right out high school grow into the wonderful young adults they become.”

The RAD program is also extremely important to Schultheis. She explains it was developed by an ex-Marine who noticed there were no viable defense classes available to women victims other than martial arts, which can take years before one is proficient.

Developed for women, RAD training focuses on their core strength and allows proficiency after only 12 hours of training.

“Watching women who have been victims learn that they can take care of themselves and never be victims again, watching them grow from being unsure to the powerful women they become, is what I love to see the most,” Schultheis says. “My dream is to have every woman on campus take this class.”

Schultheis chose a day off with pay as her prize.

Amanda Cebula

Amanda Cebula

Amanda Cebula‘s nominator appreciates the way she “always has a smile on her face while going above and beyond for Webster University,” whether it’s at a speaking engagement, performing office duties or networking at events.

“Amanda is ready to assist whenever and wherever necessary and she is a great contributor to the Ocala campus,” the nominator says.

“She loves to plan and coordinate events and brings sunshine with her wherever she goes. She provides a unique, personal touch by sending handwritten notes to community members.”

Cebula has been the community relations coordinator at the Ocala campus for a little over two years.

“What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to get involved with the community and build relationships, as well as the ability to do event planning for the campus,” Cebula says.

She is proud of planning the past year’s graduation ceremony for one of the largest graduating classes to date. It was especially meaningful to Cebula — not only because she coordinated the event — but also because she participated in the ceremony receiving her master’s degree in the Management and Leadership program.

Cebula enjoys speaking to groups, which is a big part of her job in eliciting recognition for Webster University. Last fall she presented a session on the topic of public speaking at one of the quarterly professional development luncheons she coordinates, which led to an invitation to make the same presentation as a workshop for the Alachua County Emerging Leaders, a young professionals organization of which she is a member.

Cebula chose a day off with pay as her prize.

She also coordinates quarterly professional development luncheons.

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  1. Dorci Palmer says:

    Congratulations, Amanda!! We all appreciate all that you do for us!

  2. I completely agree with this recommendation. Amanda does go above and beyond and is admired by all who know her. She is a perfect example of what a Webster University employee should be. Congrats Amanda!