Webster Holiday Party at Peter and Paul Community Center

| December 20, 2010

An update from Claudia Burris on a long-running Webster holiday tradition:

Webster’s Holiday Party at the Peter and Paul Community Center was a great success, thanks to the generous contributions of so many supporters within the Webster family!

The guests enjoyed a hearty meal at tables decorated for the holidays with centerpieces provided by Nancy Higgins and tasty candy provided by Chris Kemmerer. George Slusarz, assistant professor of business, posed as a friendly Santa Claus and enjoyed talking with all the guests.

Festive music was provided by Dan Hellinger and his friend Charlie. When the festivities were over, the guest each received a booklet of McDonald’s gift certificates. All this would not be possible without the generous support of our Webster family. Consistent contributors over the years have been: Carol Schwab, Joe Stimpfl, Al and Sheila Cawns, Ted and Gail Hoef, J.C. Corvalan and Graciela Corvalan, Richard and Chris Kemmerer, Michael and Anne Schappe, Janet Kourik, Judy Helfrich, Kevin and Joan Finder, Brad and Susan Scott, Ed and Anna Barbara Sakurai, Consuelo Gallagher and Mary Ann Drake.

It’s not too late to send in a gift for future meals! Just send your check made out to Peter and Paul Community Services to Mary Ann Drake in Nursing. Happy Holidays!

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