October 2010 Employee Spotlight

| November 30, 2010

Kevin Foy, Myrtle Beach

Kevin Foy, department associate, Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Campus, S.C., and Judy Mattingly, financial aid coordinator, Financial Aid, share the employee spotlight honors for October 2010.

Kevin Foy‘s nominator says the Myrtle Beach campus would not survive without him.

In addition to his duties as department associate, Foy also serves as facility manager for the campus.The Myrtle Beach campus is unique in that it offers classes on Saturday and Sunday, with one weekend dedicated to counseling curriculum and the other dedicated to all other curriculums. Foy works works on “other than counseling” weekends and also serves as the week night staff member.

The nominator says Foy has become as computer-savvy as the campus lab tech who is only at the campus on weekends. During the week, Foy is the one who assists students and staff with computer issues.

“Kevin has a lot of patience with students and staff,” the nominator says. “He excels at customer service for staff, students and faculty. He is invaluable to all of us.”

Colleagues appreciate Foy’s willingness to jump in and help out wherever needed, whether it’s dealing with a computer issue, making a needed repair or moving heavy boxes of printed material.

Foy has been with the Myrtle Beach campus for 16 years, becoming full time in 1996, shortly after retiring from the U.S. Air Force where he served 22 years as an aircraft electrical systems technician. “This experience prepared me for working at Webster University,” Foy says.

“My job as facility manager is to ensure the building is safe and secure,” Foy says. “In coordination with our senior director, I do whatever is needed to keep things working smoothly.”

Foy says it’s hard to pinpoint one memorable experience during his time with Webster, but the graduations stand out in his mind. “Seeing the students’ smiling faces as they walk across the stage is exciting,” he says. “You get very fond of some students while watching them grow from new students to excited graduates. That’s a special feeling.”

Foy chose the $100 savings bond as his prize.

Judy Mattingly has been with Webster’s Financial Aid Office for ten years performing what her nominator says is “the ominous task” of processing all graduate and undergraduate student loan disbursements for the main campus and the worldwide network.

“With all the changes in regulations and programs this year, it has been incredibly taxing,” says her nominator. The recent changes in regulations necessitated drastic revisions in financial aid office processes, which had to be made in a very short time. “Judy made sure the changes were made carefully and thoroughly.”

Mattingly has always shown commitment to her job and the students, making the effort to help where needed, to help whomever needs help and assisting her supervisor to communicate important information to the financial aid staff.

“I believe Judy is a prime example of what this award is all about,” her nominator says.

Mattingly enjoys the unique, everyday challenges her job presents. “There is always something new and different.”

“Not particularly fond of being in the spotlight,” Mattingly says it is nice to be recognized for the work she does. “When a student says thank you, that’s what makes my day.”
Mattingly chose a day off with pay as her prize.

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