School of Education St. Louis Refugee Food Drive

| November 12, 2010

From Ionela Bock, visiting assistant professor, School of Education:

Dear Webster community and dear colleagues,

Many of you may know that the School of Education has had a successful, long-standing relationship with the SLPS ESOL Migrant/Refugee Center, a program that serves the St. Louis newly-arrived refugee/immigrant children and their families.

Our support so far has consisted in extensive academic training of the SLPS teachers, with the view of providing them with the expertise needed to successfully instruct ESL learners. Some additional,
non-academic support was offered by several members of our faculty and staff. Amongst the most important accomplishments are our Webster Worldwide Works event (October 2010), when we painted the playground at the center, our annual food run (before the winter break), as well as weekly food donations to the most needy refugee families (2009-2010) that the center serves.

Although we’ve made great efforts to allow smooth transition of the refugee community to life in US, a process that aligns closely with the Webster University mission of promoting and supporting global citizenship, we find that offering non-academic support is just as imperative as sharing academic resources. Stories where children go hungry at night, or where children have to fill their pockets with school lunch supplies in order to have something for dinner, are a daily occurrence at the ESOL center.

While much help is provided, there are still numerous needs that remain unmet and that would be unacceptable to most members of our community. To meet at least the basic need for food, the center has opened a new refugee/immigrant food bank. So far, shelves have been empty and donations come slow.

Call for Help Stocking the Food Bank

I am thus kindly requesting your help in joining forces with us, the Webster University School of Education, and help the ESOL center stock this food bank. With your help and with the help of other members in the community, we hope that we would be able to feed these families on
a more consistent basis.

If you would like to help, please find attached a flyer [PDF] that includes information about the center, as well as types of food needed. Food staples can be donated on campus, in Webster Hall, room 234, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Please place the food in or around the empty boxes in the room. If possible, please bring the food in a box or bags, for easy delivery. Food collection starts tomorrow, Friday, November 11th, and ends Wednesday, November 24th, before the Thanksgiving break.

For more information, please contact me via e-mail at, or via phone at 217-649-9246 or 314-968-7153.

Many thanks in advance,

Ionela Bock


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