Soliciting themes for Year of International Human Rights

| October 26, 2010

From David Carl Wilson, dean, College of Arts & Sciences:

Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences consults with constituencies across the campus in order to select a Year of International Human Rights theme. Women’s rights, as you know, is the theme for 2010-11. The themes bear on the selection of a common reading, course offerings, and co-curricular activities.

We are now soliciting suggestions for themes for the next three years.

We are especially interested in topics that would be of interest across the curriculum and across our worldwide campuses.

Please send a brief description of your idea to by Monday, Nov. 1st. A committee made up of a variety of faculty and administrators will evaluate the suggestions and make recommendations.


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  1. Jim Gallogly says:

    Proud to be an American … we aren’t perfect, but we are still the best this world has to offer and we should not be afraid to market our country for what it is. If we do not show pride in our country and its people, our enemies will have an advantage.