WSA End-of-Year Celebration

| May 24, 2010

WSA's May 21 meeting had one of the largest turnouts ever for a WSA meeting. Photo by DeLyle Bowen

WSA’s end-of-the year meeting marks an occasion to celebrate staff who completed degrees this year, welcome new board members and recognize retiring ones.

Newly elected board members include: chair-elect Michelle Loyet, assistant director, Academic Advising; compensation chair-elect Bethany Keller, international academic advisor, Academic Advising; and secretary-elect Lori Sherrill, coordinator, Academic Affairs.

Current and newly elected WSA board members: from left, Michelle Loyet, chair-elect; Ron Van Fleet, membership chair; Kristi Evans, out-going secretary; Caprice Moore, out-going chair; Bethany Keller, compensation chair-elect; Terri Jones, outgoing compensation chair; and Meredith Daly, special events chair. Photo by DeLyle Bowen

Staff members attending the meeting who completed degrees this year included: Wendy Anderson, coordinator, Academic Resource Center, and Dana Jones, representative, Academic Affairs, who both completed master’s degrees in Management and Leadership; Valeri Reynolds, admissions representative, Admissions, who earned an MAT in Communication Arts; Sandra Hunter, admissions representative, who earned a master’s degree in Media Communications; and Ryan Sullivan, instructional support specialist, who completed a certificate in Web Services.

2010 staff graduates: from left, Wendy Anderson, Dana Jones, Valeri Reynolds, Sandra Hunter and Ryan Sullivan. Photo by DeLyle Bowen

Outgoing board members Kristi Evans, assistant director, Information Services; Caprice Moore, director of operations, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology; and Terri Jones, director, Information Services, were presented with signed copies of Eric Greitens’s book, Strength and Compassion. Greitens was the keynote/luncheon speaker at this year’s Professional Development Day.

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