April 2010 Service Anniversaries

| May 18, 2010

The University extends its appreciation to the following individuals:

Monica Campbell, Community Relations Coordinator, WingHaven Campus, 5 years

Nanette Cazier, representative, Space Coast Metropolitan Campus, Fla., 5 years

Jane Guldner, department assistant, Registrar’s Office, 10 years

Robert Hecht, coordinator, Orlando Metropolitan Campus, 10 years

Terri Lucas, director, User Services, 10 years

Susan Palumbo, coordinator, Academic Advising Center, 10 years

Victoria Warren, representative, Bolling Air Force Base, D.C., 10 years

David Ramey, director, Great Lakes Naval Hospital, Ill., 15 years

Marsha Rau, department assistant, Jacksonville Metropolitan Campus, Fla., 15 years

Pam Miller, coordinator, Information Technology, 20 years

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