2011-12 SGA Election Results

Student Government Association would like to think all students that participated in the SGA elections this year. In all, 337 ballots were cast.




President Justin Raymundo 251
Vice President Courtney Turner 248
Sergeant-at-Arms Erin King 120
  Sara Sabaa 85
  Devin Vogel Woddall 61
Secretary Nicole King 255
Comptroller Sara Sabaa (write-in) 98
Director of Information Technology Sam Jones 130
  Brian Noss 106
Director of Public Relations Abby Bandelow 247
Senator, Communications (2) Jorge El-Azar 190
  Erin Hindalong 168
  Victoria Gilbert 84
Senator, Arts & Sciences (2) Kevin Chau 116
  Dana Gruber 115
  Kris Parsons 92
  Christopher Whitmore 77
  Michelle Overington 59
Senator, Business & Technology (2) Akshaya Sharma (write-in) 39
  Chris Venable (write-in) 15
Senator, Education (2) Jenni Taylor 226
  Leigha Brede 172
Senator, Fine Arts (2) Katie Maxwell 212
  Yvonne Osei 190
Senator, Graduate (2) Lauren Meyer 235
  1 seat to be determined  


Fund requests due soon!

If you have a Student Grant Fund or Programming Pool need before the end of the semester, PLEASE READ!

ALL remaining Student Grant Fund and Programming Pool requests MUST be turned in by Friday, APRIL 1ST, 2011 to the SGA office.

The last meeting for both of these committees will be on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 4PM.


New SGA seats open for the Spring.

Due to several officers studying abroad we will have 4 new seats open. There will be 2 Senator of the School of Business and Technology seats open and 2 Senator at large seats open. Click on the application tab above to learn about candidate rules and to fill out an application.

Meet Our New Senators!

SGA Election Results – Fall 2010

215 votes cast

(winners in bold)

Position Candidate # of Votes
Communications Senator(s): Courtney Turner 87
  Kanita Pisutewongse 82
Business and Technology Senator(s): Sara Sabaa 100
  Nadia Battle 86
Education Senator(s): Carlos Burgos 173
Fine Arts Senator(s): Yvonne Osei 168
At-Large Senator(s): Kris Parsons 120
  Sam Jones 114
  Forest Wharton (declined) 114
  Lindsey Heffner 112
  James Egan 106