Martin Luther King and Economic Empowerment

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More than four decades after his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words are still reaching new generations. And with all the changes we’ve seen since the 60s, there are still lessons to be learned, especially in Washington and on Wall Street.

So says dean of Webster University’s George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology Dr. Benjamin Akande. He wrote a guest column for USA Today. In it he points out that Dr. King was not only a champion for Civil Rights but also of economic empowerment.

Watch Martin Luther King and Economic Empowerment.

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by Dr, Benjamin Ola. Akande, dean
George Herbert Walker School of Business
(Originally published in USAToday)

By Evan Eile, USA TODAY

This Monday, America will remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through songs, while marching in parades, during prayers at churches or with community service. On America’s campaign trail, presidential candidates will join hands with voters at celebrations throughout the country hoping to captivate their audience the way the man we honor this day did decades before.

But in a world seemingly fraying at the seams, what would King do? How would the renowned civil rights leader spend this day — his day?

He’d be rallying for a better America.

Certainly, times have changed since MLK’s day. Workplace discrimination and fire hoses blasting on peaceful demonstrators are images from old newsreels, right? Yes, unless you read the newspaper and see PepsiCo Inc.’s $3.1 million settlement of race-discrimination charges or viewed video last November of police saturating Occupy protesters with pepper spray at the University of California-Davis. The struggle for a better society, after all, never ends.

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A New Beginning?: The Economy in 2012

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When it comes to the economy, do you see our nation’s glass “half full” or “half empty”?

Hope springs eternal that 2012 will be the year everything turns around.  But is that just wishful thinking?  Fox News asked Dr. Benjamin Akande, dean of the Walker School of  Business at Webster University what his prediction is for the year ahead.

Watch Dr. Akande’s 2012 Economic Outlook on Fox News.

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Brasfield Named Journal Book Review Editor

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The Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law has named SBT Professor and Chair of Management Jim Brasfield its new book review editor. A leading journal in its field, and the primary source of communication across the

Dr. Jim Brasfield, new book review editor for The Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

many disciplines it serves, the JHPPL tapped Dr. Brasfield because of his extensive expertise on the initiation, formulation, and implementation of health policy.  As editor, Dr. Brasfield will be the one responsible for tracking the most recent books published in the health policy field and selecting those of the greatest interest to readers for review.  He predicts he will arrange about 20-25 reviews a year.

“Jim has long been a leader, having chaired the Committee on Health Politics within the American Political Science Association from the early 1980s until this past year, when it evolved into the larger and more visible Organized Section on Health Politics,” writes editor Michael S, Sparer in this month’s JHPPL. “Given his deep understanding of the world of health policy, his long-standing connection to JHPPL, and his easygoing Midwestern friendliness, we are thrilled that Jim agreed to take on this new task.”

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