Alex Brosseau, BS Accounting completed an internship at Centene Corporation this summer. Here he answers some questions about his experience and talks about how the Webster University Career & Internship Fair helped him find his internship. 


Q: What is Centene? How would you describe it to fellow students?

A: Centene’s business model is focused entirely on providing affordable healthcare. The business centers on finding cheaper and more effective ways to improve the health of their community ‘one person at a time.’ Centene is a large corporate conglomerate that’s growing rapidly- they’re balancing this growth with being connected and representative of the communities they’re in.


Q: What was your internship at Centene?

A: Internship- Financial Planning and Investments (FR&A.) I worked on budgeting.


Q: How did you hear about Centene?

A: Last summer, I worked at Southside Early Start in the accounting department. Southside provides childcare, family resources such as counseling, and English as a second language training. I knew about Centene because they were financial supporters of the center. I knew they gave back to their community and were good corporate citizens.


Q: How did this translate to an internship?

A: I met Centene recruiters at the Career Planning and Development Fall Internship Fair. The campus recruiters were very pleasant and they set up several interviews pretty quickly. After the interview call backs, I was able to choose from two internships.


Q: How was the internship program experience at Centene?

A: I was one of 100 interns, one of four from Webster University. The program was incredible. Every day I learned something, because the company made learning easy and available. There was also an awesome speaker series. Every week we would meet with a C-suite executive, such as the Director of Marketing. My biggest take away was seeing the pathways to those careers as visible and attainable. Also the intern class spent an evening in the Centene Cardinals Box.


Q: What is one takeaway you received from Centene?

A: I met all kinds of people. Coworkers can become your friends and they can make work fun. My co-workers had all sorts of interesting hobbies and they were happy to take me out to lunch. It was a great workplace culture.


Q: Would you recommend the Centene Internship Program?

A: I would highly recommend Centene to students. They can challenge you, teach you, and you will have tangible actions and items that you accomplish throughout the internship. I am an ambassador for the program at Webster University, which means I offer the student to student perspective anytime a recruiter is on campus.


Q: What are you involved in at Webster University?

A: I am the Accounting Club President, a Student Ambassador, member of Chain-link Improv, and play Ultimate Frisbee when I have the time.


Q: How did you apply what you have learned in college to the workplace?

A: Time management as a student is different, but transferable. When in the workplace, you work 8-5 and all of that time is spent working and thinking. But when you are finished with the day, you are done for the day.


Q: What does the future look like after graduation?

A: I have received an offer from Centene. I will give it a lot of consideration, but I also don’t want to make a final decision now.


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GorlokJobs as a Resource for All Walker Students

On February 2, 2016, in Career Insight, by Walker News

gorlokjobssnipGorlokJobs is Webster’s online career management system which you can use for many reasons, including your internship search! Offered by the Career Planning & Development Center, GorlokJobs enables you to search for and apply to openings, research employers and contacts, practice interviewing skills, review and RSVP to events, and more.

If you are searching for a summer internship, use GorlokJobs as one tool in your internship search strategy.

Access hundreds of internship and job postings from employers seeking Webster students by logging into your GorlokJobs account. To review current internship postings, select the “Job Postings” option beneath the “Jobs and Internships” tab along the left-hand side of your GorlokJobs homepage. On the next screen, hit “Internship/Co-op” to view internship opportunities to which you can apply. There are currently postings in the fields of marketing, financial services, information technology, social services, and more! Review each position description, determine how your interests and skills align with the opening, and follow application instructions to apply.

In addition, to internship postings, GorlokJobs also houses a Contact Directory. If you are looking for a person to reach out to regarding internship possibilities, search the Contact Directory and view names, titles, and contact information organized by company/organization.

For more information on internship searching, visit the Career Planning & Development Center website:

If you need assistance logging into your GorlokJobs account, contact the Career Planning & Development Center at 314-968-6982 or visit at 568 Garden Ave. Walk-In Hours are designed for 10-15 minute conversations on: GorlokJobs, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, internship and job search basics. Available Monday-Thursday from 2:00pm-5:00pm when undergraduate classes are in session.

Surviving the Work Tsunami Disaster

On January 5, 2015, in Career Insight, by Walker News

“What do you mean, I don’t have a job? I’ve been with the company for years.”

It’s at this time you really feel like the tsunami wave just hit you. All of a sudden you are looking for a way to catch your breath and start figuring out a way to swim to dry land! You are looking for a way to stand on something that won’t slip out from under your feet! Here are a few questions you need answers to and fast!

  • How long will I have to find a job until my funds run out? What’s the average amount of time it takes for an individual to find a job?
  • What’s my cost to use COBRA insurance and how long can I use this insurance? Can I afford it?
  • Where do I go to find a job fast! Where are the openings?
  • What am I qualified to do? Most importantly, where is the last resume I drafted?

Immediately move Into CAREER RECOVERY!

Here are five steps that you can take to recover from your career tsunami disaster:

1.) Grieve your loss – It is natural to have a wave of feelings such as anger, depression or even stress.  At this time the question “Why” is the question that keep snagging you for an answer. “Why me?” The key question that will move you on to a new career is, “What are the next steps I need to take with the facts I currently know are true?” It’s refocusing your mind to look forward and not looking back on “woulda, coulda, shoulda.“ The faster you can shift, the better off you will be. Identify your feelings and grieve your loss. It’s healthy!

2.) Inventory & gather facts – Take a close look at your career path.  Look at each career step you made and find the common denominator.  Find the clues in your past employment cycle and identify what works for you. Too many individuals look at education as a method for finding direction into what career they should pursue. They should look first at their previous career. Past success patterns can help you identify the right career fit and whether or not you need additional schooling or training.  If you don’t find your success patterns, you could fall into the trap of becoming a “Professional Student.”

3.) Position yourself as a valuable contributor – I often ask jobseekers what career target they are marketing themselves for.  I hear things like, “Well I could do this or I have some interest in that or I could also do this job because I have some training in this other area…” I recently talked with someone that had several degrees. She was educated but lacked a marketing focus. As she continued to talk, I quickly realized that one reason why she couldn’t find career success was because she was playing the role of a beggar rather than a valuable contributor.

4.) Seek advisors – If you are having trouble moving on  from asking “Why” to “What do I do next,” than you might need a counselor to help you work through the steps of grieving.  It has nothing to do with being smart enough.  It has everything to do with getting to a solution, with the least time, money and heartache.

When buying a house we seek out a realtor.  Why?  Because they are the experts in their field.  They have eyes that see things the average person cannot see.  They save us a lot of time, energy and money by helping us find the right choice or house to fit us perfectly.

If you are stuck, stalled or confused about what to do next in your career, consider one career session that will get to the root cause of your career pain… Visit or call 314-966-3888.  In one meeting we will find out what works for you, what needs attention and what next steps you need to take in order to reach your career objective.

5.) Develop a measurable strategy – If you set a goal to save money for holiday spending, than you have to map out a plan. When it comes to saving money we adjust our budgets and then periodically revisit the process to make sure we reach our desired outcome.  If we find that we didn’t follow the strategic plan, we then have two choices. Identify where the process fell apart, learn from the experience or ditch the plan and just let life’s circumstances take over, which most likely will not give us the results we set out to accomplish. .

It is so important that you measure the progress of your career plan when seeking employment. If you are not sure about what specific career you want, then take the time to define and know your target.  You can’t hit the target if you keep moving it.


About the Author: david hults-2014
David Hults is a nationally known career coach and speaker, as well as a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Webster University where he also completed graduate courses toward his MBA.  Since 1987, Hults is the author of five books, a CD coaching series and has created the most sought after interview flash card set, which makes the interview simplified and painless.  His experience in human resources led him to work for Express Scripts, a Fortune 500 company, as well as one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, BJC.  He has been coaching individuals for more than 20 years on how to break through individual roadblocks while also delivering speeches across the nation discussing how to manage change in careers and organizations today. For more information, visit his website at




don ross 1 webStudents and faculty members gathered for a Walker Speaker Series event on Oct. 17 in which Donald Ross, vice chairman of Enterprise Holdings, shared how he worked his way up through the ranks with the company.  Sponsored by Walker Edge, the event is one of several professional development opportunities hosted by the Walker School of Business & Technology throughout the year.

Benjamin Akande, dean of the Walker School, opened the event by welcoming students and acknowledging their commitment to personal and professional development.  “This is seed planting season and if you pay attention to the small but meaningful details associated with career preparation, success will find you,” he said.  Dean Akande went on share how Ross joined Enterprise in 1964 and has been instrumental in its growth.  “Don’s story is one of hard work, perseverance and urgency.  During his nearly five decades with Enterprise, he has helped lead the company as it has grown from a St. Louis based family auto leasing company into the largest car leasing company in the world.”

Ross went on to share stories about his experiences, from the early days of working with founder Jack Taylor to the company’s business model today.  He also identified four “core fibers” that continue to guide the organization.  These include:  providing outstanding customer service, creating opportunities, looking for ways to grow and maintaining a competitive advantage.  Ross emphasized the importance of delivering on promises and exceeding customers’ expectations.

His presentation concluded with a question and answer session and a few remarks in which he shared career advice with students.  “At Enterprise, we look for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, have a vision and are willing to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them,” he said.  “(No matter what you do),…it’s up to you to take the responsibility and be accountable for setting your own brand.  If you do that, you’ll rise above.”

don ross 2 web

Pictured from left to right:  Enterprise Talent Acquisition Manager Steve Talbot, Walker Dean Benjamin Akande, Enterprise Vice Chairman Donald Ross and Walker EDGE Student Shannon Plumkett