Walker School Dean Featured in Diverse Magazine

On August 1, 2014, in In the News, by Walker News

timthumbIn the July 31 edition of Diverse Magazine, Benjamin Ola. Akande, Ph.D., dean of the Walker School of Business & Technology and chief partnership officer at Webster University, offers his views on how colleges can retain diverse students in the article, “Moon Goal for Colleges: Retention of Diverse Students.”  In addition to challenging institutions to create a moon goal which he describes as an objective an institution is willing to pursue, unwilling to postpone and one it intends to win, his op-ed piece discusses some of the strategies Webster University has implemented to ensure students from diverse backgrounds achieve their higher education aspirations.

Owner, Photographer“I believe the colleges that will thrive in the coming years will be those who excel at preparing people of diverse backgrounds for successful careers and who have carefully cultivated a competitive academic advantage that distinguishes them from their competitors. Adopting such a strategy enables universities to be creative in developing academic programs that are relevant to the needs of students and the marketplace.”

Read his full commentary in Diverse Magazine.

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