Chess Champions Talk Strategy and Decision Making

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Susan Polgar

On Jan. 21, Grandmaster Susan Polgar and Paul Truong presented, “Chess Strategy and Decision-Making” at the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology.  The event was attended by more than 100 guests, including several members of Webster University’s #1 ranked national championship chess team.

Peter Maher, associate dean and professor of math and computer science, opened the event by highlighting Webster University’s recruiting efforts to bring Polgar, Truong and a team of world-class chess masters to St. Louis. Provost Schuster, who was instrumental in the recruiting efforts, commended the team’s success at Webster University and noted that he has followed Polgar’s career since he was a child.

Tu Square Studio, LLC

Paul Truong

Following the introductions, Polgar shared stories about her life, including her earliest memories of playing chess as a four-year-old in Hungary.  She said her parents were instrumental in teaching her the game, and that she and her father would visit the chess club regularly so she could develop and refine her skills.  Truong, her husband and a coach of Webster University’s chess team, joined in the conversation by offering insights on the correlation between chess and business strategy.  Truong emphasized the importance of teaching children chess because it strengthens their critical thinking skills.

Tu Square Studio, LLCAfter Speaker Series guests had the opportunity to ask Polgar and Truong questions about the game and business strategy, members of Webster University’s chess team engaged guests in matches.

View a photo slideshow from this Speaker Series event.  A video recording of the presentation is available on the Walker School of Business & Technology website.

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  1. Claudia (Borbee) Price says:

    To Charla Lord – I am one of Professor Don Borbee’s daughter (Child #4) and I just happend to run across an article that was written about my dad on March 28, 2013. I want to thank you for the kind words spoken about our father and the tribute you gave him. He was just so full of life but near the end we knew it was time to let go. We celebrated his life at his wake the way he would have wanted – we hired a jazz band that played all his old favorites from Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. What a hoot. Some folks thought we were a bit crazy, but dad was smiling down on us with that big smile of his.

    Thank you again.