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Via Consultants in Vienna, Austria

“Hossein and I have a vision,” consultant Marlon Juenemann says.  “We can picture what the future can look like.  Like Dr. Akande (Dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology) says ‘The future belongs to those who can see it.’”

What Marlon Juenemann and partner Hossein Nabavi can see is a business without boundaries. Determined to bring the world closer through business activities that are accountable and add value, Juenemann and Nabavi have taken the fundamental principals they developed while students and founded a truly international consulting company.  VIA Consultants is a business venture that started in the classrooms of Webster University – Vienna where a man from Germany and a man from Iran met for the first time.

“From the beginning it was our plan to start our own business,” Juenemann says.  “Here at Webster University we worked with students from Central Eastern Europe and students from the Middle East, so from the very beginning we saw ourselves as business intermediaries.”

And that was the plan the team pitched to Webster University.  The result, they hoped, would be support in projects from the expertise of those who make up the Webster community.  What they got was so much more.

Marlon Juenemann, managing partner, Via Consultants

“We have people here at Webster University –Vienna like Dr. (Arthur) Hirsh who really listen to our ideas,” Juenemann says. “There is an openness here and we were able to give the University the feel for what we wanted to do.”

Proving themselves came next. The VIA Consultants team got their chance on their first professional reference project for General Motors in Austria arranged by their supportive professor Chris Newman. The group excelled at the knowledge management assignment, leaving the client happy and the door open to a holistic resource management project for a Czech company, WESTFALIA Metal s.r.o.  At the time the international VIA Consultants team consisted of: Ligia Bogdan from Romania, Darko Gacov from Macedonia, Lucas Jakobsson from Sweden/Croatia, Marlon Juenemann from Germany, Hossein Nabavi from Iran, Alexandra Ruths from Austria/Germany, and Elif Sabani from Macedonia).

Hossein Nabavi, managing partner, Via Consultants

A knowledge management assignment with an Iranian steel company gave VIA Consultants its next client and Nabavi insight into where their business could go from there. “Because that project was so successful it opened up more opportunities for us in Iran.” says Nabavi who is from that country. “When you go to Iran you can see the attitude of the people and how really hungry they are for knowledge.”

VIA Consultants hopes to capitalize on that attitude and hunger by using their business knowledge of Europe and Iran to serve as a bridge between the two. The strategic plan is to focus on those positive facts, rather than the political differences, which make many other companies shy away. VIA is actively positioning itself for the untapped market in hopes of taking several global brands into the country for the first time.  They will also work on exporting to the world what Iran has to offer. 

“I truly think we have talent in Iran in terms of technology and innovation, but the PR and marketing of that talent has not been good,” Nabavi laments.  “My dream job would be to prove this to the rest of the world by exporting the very sophisticated Iranian products for all to see.”

In the end, their company, their philosophy and their determination all revolve around the same theme of doing what’s best for the world by providing a two-way street support for companies wanting to do global business.

“Hossein, myself and the whole team at VIA sees ourselves as global citizens,” Juenemann says proudly.  “We don’t see countries.  We see one planet.”

VIA Consultants, at Webster University we see one company with a very bright future.

For more on VIA Consultants visit their website.

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