Meet Our Staff


              Professional Staff


Justin Barton

Position: Director of First Year Experience and Undergraduate Persistence / Head Competitive Cheerleading Coach                                                                                                                                                           
Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid to step outside of your protective bubble. It’s important to mingle, network, and meet as many new people as you can. By doing this you are developing beneficial relationship-based resources that will come in handy later on with your future endeavors.”

Billy Ratz

Position: Director of Parent & Student Programs 

Advice for new students: “Get involved, get involved, get involved! That goes for students and parents!”

Vanika Spencer

Position: Coordinator for First Year Experience and Undergraduate Persistence

Advice for new students: “Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.”

Bethany Keller

Position: Assistant Director for the Multicultural Center & International Student Affairs

Advice for new students: “Embrace the opportunity to learn from your experiences, both inside the classroom and in the community. Webster is a supportive environment for you to grow and explore, discover your strengths and challenge yourself to learn new things. Study hard, listen to hear from other’s viewpoints that may differ from your own, and explore the world with Webster University!”


            Student Coordinators


Carina Maurer-Batjer

Major(s): Graduate Student; Education and Innovation

Involvements:  Student Ambassadors, Student Education Association

Advice for new students: “Make sure to dedicate some time to your friends and family. Your social health and happiness is important and worthy of your time!”

Shanice Burton-Sandlin

Major(s): Junior; Exercise Science

Involvements: Webster University Competitive Cheerleading, Students for Biological Sciences, Association for African American Collegians, Money Talks, First Generation Student

Advice for new students: “Always be open to new ideas. Never be in the way of your own success.”

Maggie Martorano

Major(s): Senior; Music Education

Involvements: Delta Phi Epsilon, Chamber Singers, National Association for Music Educators, American Choral Directors Association

Advice for new students: “Get involved, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people!”

Brenda Tinnemeyer

Major(s): Senior; International Relations and Management

Involvements: Multicultural Center International Student Affairs

Advice for new students: “Live your life to the fullest in college, try everything you desire and don’t hold back! This is your time to experience new things and find yourself! Make mistakes, learn from them, then make them again and continue to grow! Make memories and keep pushing yourself no matter how tough it gets, you got this!”



Connection Leaders


Samih Abdeljabbar

Major(s): Junior; Business Management

Involvements: Muslim Student Association, International Student Association, Student Government Association

Advice for new students: “My advice would be to try everything that this campus has to offer, try everything to find yourself and your niche, you can’t be what you don’t know. Leave no surface unscathed.”

Della Almind

Major(s): Senior; Education and Spanish

Involvements: Student Literacy Corps, Latin American Student Organization, ILC Advisory Board, Student Education Association

Advice for new students: “My first piece of advice to new students is to seek out new opportunities and take advantage of all of the FREE, unique events that you can attend on campus! Visit the page frequently and stay up to date on different groups’ Facebook pages for upcoming events. Mark them in your phone’s calendar and set alerts to remind you! These are the places where you can get in on free food and meet new people/hang out with friends while experiencing something new. Another piece of advice is to get yourself organized early. Find whatever method of organization/planning works for you (i.e. Microsoft OneNote, a physical calendar on your desk, utilizing your phone’s calendar, etc.) and really stick to it to keep yourself on track throughout the year. This will eliminate the stress of trying to remember things like, “Did I have homework for today?” and make your life much more efficient.”

Tony Bottini

Major(s): Senior; Media Communications

Involvements: PING, Galaxy Radio, Transfer Student, First Generation Student

Advice for new students: “Webster is full of open minded wonderful individuals. Join things, and meet them. This time spent here is precious and it flies by.”

Zoey Bruce

Major(s): Sophomore; International Business Management

Involvements: First Year Experience

Advice for new students: “Get involved. There is so much to do on campus even if it’s going to an event every once in a while. People always say college is the best years of your life but that’s only true if you make it happen and enjoy yourself.”

Khyle Buchanan

Major(s): Junior; Game Design

Involvements: Webster University Competitive Cheerleading, First Generation Student

Advice for new students: “Try not to procrastinate, and utilize the Academic Resource Center if you find yourself struggling!”

Angel Calo

Major(s): Sophomore; Choral Music Education

Involvements: American Choral Directors Association, National Association for Music Education

Advice for new students: “As intimidating as it can be, try your best to welcome new people and especially new friends into your life. Even if it may be just a hello in passing, it’s always great to know people. Someone you see once in a while could end up being a crucial part in your time here at Webster. It all starts with a hello and a warm smile.”

Ethan Canby

Major(s): Junior; Film, TV, and Video Production

Involvements: Humans vs Zombies, Student Ambassadors

Advice for new students: “Make sure that you study AND sleep.”

Cheyenne Davis

Major(s): Senior; English & Biology

Involvements: Dining Advisory Board, Hiking Club, Yoga Club, WebsterLEADS

Advice for new students: “Get involved! This is the time to push your boundaries and discover who you are. So don’t be afraid to try something new or different. Even if you decide it’s not your thing, you know more about yourself.”

Adrianna Dreckmann

Major(s): Sophomore; Film, TV & Video Production

Involvements: Campus Activities, Film Department, Take 18 Film Festival

Advice for new students: “Advice I would give to new students is to not be afraid to put yourself out there. College is a completely different experience compared to high school. Don’t feel like you have to suppress who you truly are in college. College is a time to come into your own and meet new people and gain new experiences. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there!”

Mioshi Ferrill

Major(s): Junior; International Studies

Involvements: Japanese Student Association, International Student Association

Advice for new students: “Even if you have a minor problem, voice it! There are so many people willing to help out.”

Minnell Fundora

Major(s): Sophomore; Undecided

Involvements: Cross Country/Track Team

Advice for new students: “Definitely attend as many of the orientation activities as you can. You’ll be receiving a lot of insight on anything campus related, so having a head start on knowing what’s going on and where things are will be a huge advantage when school starts! Introduce your self to people, smile to people you pass by while you walk, attend activities and events made available through clubs and such by Webster, leaving having made one connection is better than none! Enjoy it all!”

Maria Gunawan

Major(s): Sophomore; Business Administration

Involvements: Student Government Association, Taste of Culture, Self Defense Club

Advice for new students: “Explore yourself! it does take time to find your own circle and feel comfortable, but its always worth it to give a shot.”

Mallory Ingles

Major(s): Junior; Film, TV & Video Production

Involvements: Chior, Campus Crusade for Christ

Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and get to know them, it’s so important to have good friends throughout your college years!”

Philip Irving

Major(s): Sophomore; Film, TV & Video Production

Involvements: Student Assistant at Career Planning & Development Center, Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Ambassadors

Advice for new students: “Don’t feel like you have to take a bunch of credit hours at once…(unless you have to.)”

Stephen Jung

Major(s): Sophomore; Philosophy

Involvements: Philosophy Coalition

Advice for new students: “Don’t be too dedicated on selecting your major early on. You don’t want those courses to define your experience from the moment you walk on campus. Also, get involved and create your  community for yourself and others.”

Nagesh Khanvilkar

Major(s): Graduate Student; Information Technology

Involvements: Multicultural Center & International Student Affairs, Graduate Student Association, Active Minds

Advice for new students: “Just Breathe” coz the more you breathe the more you absorb….”

Justin Klos

Major(s): Sophomore; Media Communications

Involvements: Idea Tree Media, TAP Program

Advice for new students: “Have an open mind about everything! Be open to new ideas and to new people because not only will you grow as a person, but you’ll have amazing experiences & create connections that will last a lifetime.”

Joy Kuhlo

Major(s): Junior; International Human Rights

Involvements: Study Abroad (Ghana),  Amnesty International

Advice for new students: “Try to get involved on campus if you can, even if your first year or new school seems overwhelming, it will be worth it in the end!”

Brianna Langford

Major(s): Sophomore; Art Illustration

Involvements: Video Game Club, Campus Crusade for Christ

Advice for Students: “Manage your time well and don’t feel like you have to attend every event or outing.”

Jovan McBride

Major(s): Sophomore; Human Resources Management

Involvements: Suggs Scholar

Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid. Don’t rush anything. You will find yourself in the right time.”

Liah Neudecker

Major(s): Sophomore; Scriptwriting

Involvements: Knitting Club, Chainlink Improv

Advice for new students: “Embrace change, and love a good challenge. Everything is a learning experience.”

Sonca Nguyen

Major(s): Senior; Audio Production

Involvements: Audio Engineering Society, Galaxy Radio, Delta Phi Epsilon

Advice for new students: “Whether or not college is your best years is up to you. Make the most of it. Make it rewarding, make it memorable, and make it successful.”

Kezia Onsang

Major(s): Sophomore; Business Administration

Involvements: Student Government Association, Sangam, Active Minds, Taste of Culture

Advice for new students: “Always try and explore something new in Webster. Work hard but don’t forget to have fun! Be a proud Gorlok!”

Deanna Pahlmann

Major(s): Sophomore; Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Health and Medicine

Involvements: Delta Phi Epsilon

Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone needs help sometimes!”

Andy Pham

Major(s): Sophomore; Game Design

Involvements: Webster Fighting Game Club, Humans vs Zombies, Video Game Club

Advice for new students: “College is the best place to find yourself. Take this opportunity to fully explore who you are as a person so that you can improve upon yourself. You can do things such as breaking out of your shyness shell or try out activities that you thought you wouldn’t enjoy. You will become a better person by the end of college.”

Anna Powers

Major(s): Sophomore; International Business

Involvements: Piano Camp Counselor at Thompson House, International Student Association

Advice for new students: “Get out there and meet new people. Be open and nice to make new friends. Don’t be scared, everyone probably feels the same way you do. Just be yourself and have fun!”

Noor Fatima Rashid

Major(s): Junior, Business Management and Legal Studies

Involvements: Table Tennis Club, Chess Club, International Student Association, Student Ambassadors

Advice for new students: “Be yourself! That’s the only thing that will help you find true friends.”

Raven Ritrovato

Major(s): Sophomore; Graphic Design

Involvements: Cheerleader; Study Abroad Office

Advice for new students: “Focus on your grades as much as you can, but don’t forget to have fun and leave your room sometimes.”

Dani Robinson

Major(s): Freshmen; Elementary Education & Special Education

Involvements: Special Education Association

Advice for new students: “Get involved and stay involved. Be active in the groups you’re in because those memories will stay with you for a lifetime.”

Lexie Salamone

Major(s): Senior; International Relations

Involvements: Define American, Amnesty International, WebsterLeads, Sigma Iota Rho

Advice for new students: “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable in a new environment, but it will not last forever.”

Megan Schramm

Major(s): Junior; Biological Sciences

Involvements: Cross Country, Track & Field, Catholic Campus Ministry, Lifeguard/Swimming Lesson Instructor, First Generation Student, Humans vs Zombies

Advice for new students: “Be friendly to everyone. Smile. The first people you meet might not necessarily be your best friends, but it’s great to have a wide circle of people to get to know.”

Mimiw Seagrave

Major(s): Sophomore; International Human Rights

Involvements: Amnesty International

Advice for new students: “Be yourself, get involved around campus, and never hesitate to ask for help! We’re all in the same boat here — whether you’re coming from a few hours away or a few thousand miles away, it’s normal to feel nervous, but getting involved and partaking in fun campus activities is a great way to make new friends, make lasting memories, and realize how friendly, welcoming, and accepting Gorloks are!”

Aathif Shamail

Major(s): Senior; International Business

Involvements: Student Government Association, Student Ambassadors, Muslim Student Association

Advice for new students: “Be active and treat people how you would like to be treated.”

Alyssa Shank

Major(s): Senior; Video Production

Involvements: Idea Tree Media, Tribe: Jewish Student Council, Ultimate Frisbee

Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It can be overwhelming coming to a new place, but you have so many resources to help you get through your college career at Webster. Also, get involved early. If you’re not interested or too busy to commit to be in organizations, then come to campus activities. You won’t regret it and will probably make new friends at each event! Regarding your classes, try to get your work done early. You want to make the most of your time at Webster University, so try not to have work hanging over your head at all times. I promise you everything will fall into place, and if you have a positive attitude, these upcoming years will be the best of your life so far!”

Katie Stevens

Major(s): Senior, Secondary Education-English

Involvements:  Women’s chorus, German Language Table, Feminist Collective, Humans vs Zombies, Chainlink Improv, Student Government Association

Advice for new students: “Everyone’s advice for first year students starts with ‘get involved!’ Once you hear or read that phrase, you’ll likely tune it out or keep scrolling. That’s not your fault, you just have too much information to absorb and repeats tend to get filtered out. Although ‘get involved’ is some of the best advice you can follow, I just want to let you know that it’s okay to take a breather, too, if you need it. Of course you’re overwhelmed, everyone else is, too. Soon, you won’t be.”

 Shawn Swindell

Major(s): Senior; Management

Involvements: Chess Team, Track and Field, First Generation Student

Advice for new students: “Be yourself.”

Dorianne Thomas

Major(s): Senior; Dance with an Emphasis in Ballet

Involvements: Dance Club

Advice for new students: “Keep an open mind! Everyone comes from all walks of life, and college can be the perfect time to learn from others and their experiences. Don’t be afraid to reach out, ask questions, explore, and take time to learn more about yourself.”

Natalie Wagner

Major(s): Sophomore; Undecided

Involvements: DPhiE, Quidditch

Advice for new students: “Don’t expect for things to just happen. You have to work to make new friends and get the grades that you want. BUT it’s so worth it.”

Sally Weber

Major(s): Sophomore; Management

Involvements: Delta Phi Epsilon, Love Your Melon

Advice for new students: “Get involved on campus! It’s a great way to meet people!”

Christiana Williams

Major(s):  Junior; Animation

Involvements: SIGGRAPH, Knitting club, Video Game Club, First Generation Student

Advice for new students: “Make sure to get involved on campus and put yourself in situations you weren’t used to in high school. Get to know the people around you, and the people in your classes.”


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