MCISA Program Assistants

MCISA Program Assistants

 Name: Alexis

 Major: Music Composition & Audio Production

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Shorewood, IL


 Name: Beni

 Major: Film Production

 Year at Webster: Senior

 Hometown: St. Louis, MO


 Name: Brenda

 Major: International Business

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Indonesia



 Name: Paulina

 Major: Advertising

 Year: Senior

 Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia


 Name: Adanma Ojukwu

 Major: Interactive Digital Media; Web Site Development

 Year: Sophomore

 Hometown: St. Louis, MO



Advice for Incoming Gorloks, From Students Who Have Been There!

What advice would you like to give new students?

“Your college experience depends on you, so take advantage of all the incredible opportunities that Webster is offering you.” – Former program assistant Vicky

“Welcome to Webster University!! Webster offers a variety of activities through the year. Try to engage in campus and off campus activities – make friends and know more about Webster Groves and St. Louis.” – Maria, Former Graduate Assistant

“My advice for incoming students would be to come in with an opencompress arielle mind. Try to be involved in as many things as possible to make the best of your college experience. Lastly, stay true to who you are and don’t change for anyone.” – Former program assistant Arielle

“Webster University is home for the next 4 years. Your teachers, advisers and peers are your family. The more you interact with them, the more comfortable you’ll get and enjoy school. The first few days will be difficult but it gets better. Stay active and do not let anything intimidate you.” – Former program assistant Deb

What one thing would you tell a new student about the MCISA?

compress vicky“We are a family and the MCISA staff is here to help you with everything you need, you are now part of this big family!” – Former program assistant Vicky

“As an international student, I know how it feels to be far away from home. MCISA strives to make new students, international or domestic, feel at home. Here you will find students of different cultures and origin who can relate to the feeling of being away from home. You can share you story here and there is always something new to be learned from the MCISA.” – Former program assistant Deb

“MCISA is your diverse home away from home.” – Maria, Former Graduate Assistant

“The MCISA is a friendly environment filled with loving people! You can come by the office to relax, hangout, and have great conversations. We also host awesome events!” – Former program assistant Arielle

Anything else you want to share with incoming students:

“Webster University is a wonderful community and family to be a part of!” – Former program assistant Arielle

“MCISA is open to all students. International students are as Compress Debintrigued about American culture as much as domestic students are about other cultures. I assure you that every time you leave MCISA, you will be taking with you a piece of culture from a different country. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange cultural views and experiences.” – Former program assistant Deb

“Join student organizations and explore new experiences.” – Maria, Former Graduate Assistant