MCISA Professional Staff

Colette CummingsColette Cummings 2015, Associate Dean of Students & Director

Colette has been with Webster for over 15 years. She has multiple roles within Student Affairs. In addition to being the director of the MCISA, she has oversight of Student Activities and is also the Judicial Officer for the campus. Colette is also an adjunct professor in the College of Arts and Science and the School of Communications. Colette also serves as a mentor to young professionals working in the areas of cultural diversity and judicial affairs.
Colette’s responsibilities within the office include:

  • Supervising staff
  • Providing support and direction for the department in accomplishing its goals and objectives
  • Counseling Students
  • Representing and promoting the department to campus and community constituents
  • Providing ombudsman services to students, faculty. and staff

Bethany Keller, Assistant Director

Bethany has worked with international students at Webster University for seventeen years, in student services, recruitment and admission, and in academic advising. A native of St. Louis, Bethany welcomes students from all over the world to her hometown with advice and support on adjusting to a new life in the States. Bethany earned her MA in International Relations at Webster University and studied abroad at Regents College London during her BA International Relations. She also teaches first-year experience courses on culture and identity at Webster University.

Bethany’s responsibilities include:

  • Counsel and advise international and American minority students on a wide range of issues including university policies and procedures; career, educational, and personal matters; cultural adjustment; and academic advising
  • Assist international students with various needs to support their success – cultural adjustment, orientation, taxes, immigration regulations and other services such as obtaining a driver’s license or social security card
  • Coordinate, implement and evaluate a wide variety of cultural, educational and social programs to promote cultural understanding
  • Provide guidance and advice to international student organizations and groups
  • Chair the International Student Success Committee
  • Represent international student issues and concerns on divisional and university-wide committees including International Programs, International Student Services, and Student Programming

Larry Morris, Coordinator- Minority Students

Larry is the current interim Coordinator for the MCISA.  He is a Webster alumnus graduating with honors in both 2008 (Audio Engineering, B.A.) and 2016 (Media Communications M.A.). Highly involved in campus life while working towards his undergraduate degree, one of his on-campus jobs was programming at the MCISA, a skill which he would use heavily later in many critical real-world positions. Outside of Webster, Larry is a musical artist, entrepreneur, scholar, and self-proclaimed “connector” who’s highly active on the Saint Louis music scene contributing immensely to preserving and promoting the culture of Saint Louis through touring, lectures, community work, and more.

  • Create and oversee programs that align with the mission and objectives of the MCISA and Webster University
  • Supervise, assign tasks, guide, assist and evaluate student programming staff
  • Advise individual students and student organizations on matters relating to programming, academics, and social engagement
  • Fulfill any tasks assigned by the director and assistant director as needed

Rene Murph, Department Associate

Rene has been with the MCISA department for more than years.  She is a mother away from home to many students, a biological parent, a foster parent, and an advocate for children with mental illness or behavior disorders.  She loves working directly with students at Webster University and preparing them for the diverse workforce that they will encounter when they graduate.

Rene’s responsibilities include:

  • Train, Supervise and monitor student employees
  • Manage information and general office administration
  • Manage departmental budgets
  • Monitor activities of the MCISA Lounge

Nagesh Khanvilkar, Graduate Assistant

Nagesh is a graduate student from India pursuing a Master’s in Information Technology Management and certification in Cybersecurity Threat Detection. He speaks Hindi, Marathi, and English.

One message for students: ” Breathe” & “Smile” these should be your weapons. There might be some hectic days coming in the near future, but just remember to breathe and smile. you will make your way to a successful journey at Webster University.

Nagesh’s responsibilities include:

  • Counsel and advise international and American minority students on a wide range of issues including university policies and procedures; career, educational, and personal matters; cultural adjustment; and academic advising
  • Assist in coordinating cultural, recreational, educational, and social programs for the general student populations
  • Plan and coordinate international student orientation for new international students
  • Provide a supportive welcome for all new international students, with services such as airport pick-up and trips to local resources, agencies, and cultural institutions