Crossing Borders Education – Resources for Intercultural and Interracial Dialogue


At Webster University, our mission to transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence is grounded in high quality learning experiences. The Crossing Borders Education package provides tools and resources to encourage transformational learning for students, faculty and staff in the development of critical thinking skills, cross cultural communication skills and empathy for others both within the classroom and in co-curricular experiences.

With a strong focus on skill building through supporting and facilitating dialogue across difference, the three films in the Crossing Borders Trilogy open up lines of communication, demonstrate the power of listening and learning, and follow the experiences of diverse groups of college students as they live, travel and connect with one another.

Our multi-year license includes screening rights for the three films, facilitator manuals, and online toolkits available now in the Webster University Library Catalog and through the Crossing Borders Education website.

Explore cultural diversity and intercultural learning through film.

          Crossing Borders Trailer               The Dialogue Trailer                  American Textures Trailer

All three films are available to stream through the University Library. DVD copies are available to check out of Crossing Borders and The Dialogue.

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Practical Steps to Strengthen Diversity and Intercultural Learning

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  • First Year Seminar discussion activities
  • Resident Assistant training
  • Connection Leader training (peer mentoring)
  • Learning Communities
  • Global Citizenship Program courses

For more information, please contact Bethany Keller, Assistant Director MCISA at or 314-246-7649.


The CBE Curriculum Package is designed to embed intercultural sessions within curriculum to internationalize and diversify perspectives in any discipline. As the director and producer, Arnd Wachter explains in his curriculum package instructions:

“This toolkit supports educators to change the current status quo by including intercultural sessions into curricula. The toolkit’s cross-cultural interactions are designed to support domestic and international students to leave their comfort zones, and engage openly with each other in short and targeted conversations around film excerpts. They are designed as awareness exercises where the student learning happens predominantly through the direct interactions with their peers next to them. The empowering impact of the process is that students themselves become teachers to each other. The role of the educator is mainly to facilitate the logistics and context of the student interactions, while at the same time having the opportunity to increase their own intercultural skills by witnessing the diverse student conversations.” (Arnd Wachter, 2015, Crossing Borders Education)

Student Reflections
Hear from Webster University students directly as they reflect on the power of dialogue, what they learned from the film screenings, and why it is increasingly important to explore diversity.

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