Ask Marian: Finding a specific article

Dear Marian,

My instructor gave me a citation for a journal article, but I’m not sure how to look it up. How can I find it on the library website if I don’t know what database it’s in?


Database Directionless

Dear Database Directionless,

You can find an article or journal by using the Journals/Magazines/Newspaper List. This is a searchable list of all of the periodicals to which Webster University Libraries subscribe, with directions to databases that contain those periodicals. You can search the list, then choose the database that has your journal, then click Look up Article to find the volume and issue that contains your article.

  1. On the library homepage (, click Articles/Databases.


  1. Then select Journals/Magazine/Newspaper List


3. Then type the title of the journal into the search bar, and click Search


4. You will see a list of databases that contain your journal, and you can find the article by clicking Look up Article, then selecting the volume and issue that contains it.


Informationally Yours,

Marian the Librarian

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