No Pulitzer Prize award for fiction

The Pulitzer Prize has been in the news this week because no prize for fiction was awarded. Three books: Swamplandia! by Karen Russel, Train Dreams by Denis Johnson, and The Pale King by David Foster Wallace were nominated, but no award was given. Some publishers say it can’t hurt to have only the three finalists, while others lament the lost book sales a Pulitzer can bring. Read more about that on American Public Media’s Marketplace story.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, an award hasn’t been given 62 times across all categories in the 95 year history of the Pulitzer Prizes. Georgetown professor of English Maureen Corrigan, one of three judges says, “We nominated three novels we believe to be more than Pulitzer-worthy... That the board declined to award the prize to any of these superb novels is inexplicable.” Also of note this year, the national reporting prize was awarded to David Wood of The Huffington Post, a first for that publication.

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