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The United States Department of Education is sponsoring the Race to the Top fund. According to the Department of Education, “The Race to the Top Fund provides competitive grants to encourage and reward States that are creating the conditions for education innovation and reform”. For more information on this fund, visit the sites listed below or ask a librarian.

More information can be found using library databases for Education, such as ERIC. Access Education-related databases here:

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  1. claycopachyderms says:

    Beware Arne the Duncan!

    I am an educator in the Kansas City metro. People need to be very wary of this Secretary of Education I get the need for the money but I am very concerned about this current Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Here is a quick primer on why:

    No degree in education.
    Never taught a day in his life.
    No degree in educational administration.
    Never been a principal a day in his life.
    As Chicago Public School chief violence tripled in the district as a result of his wholesale school closings.
    His supposed improved test scores are complete lies and fabrications (this is backed up by NAEP scores), and there is some evidence that he encouraged grade alterations to pass students to make him look good.
    Massively expanding the Federal Department of Education through the Race to the Top stimulus money.

    Here are a couple of articles that discuss who Duncan is, there is a lot more info out there.

    This current administration in WADC doesn’t know a thing about sound educational policy. The last thing the states need is the Federal government having more to say in education. Currently the Commissioner of Education in Missouri is hard at work on the grant for the Race to the Top funding. I suspect, I haven’t had the time to do a lot of research, the Race to the Top is just another massive power grab over states rights. It would match a running theme with this administration in WADC.

    Arne Duncan knows nothing about education. His lack of a degree in education is an insult to every educator in this nation. He is an insult to every administrator who has spent 20+ years in education to accomplish their position.

  2. Thanks for reading. The Missouri State Teachers Association Board of Directors formally opposes Race to the Top and you can read their press release here:

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