News from APA re PsycInfo database

I attended a webinar about PsycInfo earlier this month and picked up a few tidbits of information to pass along to anyone interested:

1. They are working to increase the coverage of neuroscience and cognitive science in the database.

2. The print edition of the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms is ceasing publication. The online thesaurus will continue to be updated.

3. When they add a new journal to the database, sometimes they index it retroactively.

4. Specifying “KW Keywords” in the box to the right of where you enter your search terms will search for words supplied both by machine indexing and human editors. It can be a good way to find new theories and more specific terminology. It can also be a way to decrease the number of items in your results list.

5. APA has more tutorials on using its databases on its YouTube channel ( and on its website at Note that Webster’s version of PsycInfo is from Ebsco so it would be best to use the tutorials for that vendor.

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