Test your Webster knowledge.

Webster College cafeteria

“Dining Hall and Cafeteria, Webster College, St. Louis 19, Mo.

Postcards and other images such as this one often offer a number of clues that can help you determine an approximate date. Here are some parts of the item that appear to provide some valuable information (click on the photo to enlarge the image):

Clue #1: the wording on the back of the postcard reads:

“Dining Hall and Cafeteria, Webster College, St. Louis 19, Mo. This modern dining room overlooks Big Bend Boulevard, a main artery connecting the City of St. Louis with its suburbs.”

This description obviously refers to the cafeteria (now known as Marletto’s) built with Maria Hall which opened in fall 1959. Because it mentions Webster College, the photo must be before 1983 when the institution changed its name to Webster University.

Clue #2: at one of the tables, a number of students are wearing green beanies. The beanies were part of freshman orientation and freshmen were required to wear them until Halloween. The beanies were last worn by freshmen in the fall of 1962 when the practice ended.

So we can offer an approximate date range for this photo as 1959 to 1962. But there’s a third possible clue…

Clue #3: the woman at the cash register bears a resemblance to a student named Shreela Ray (class of 1964) who was a freshman in the fall of 1960. Because she’s not wearing a beanie, we might assume that this picture was taken in the fall of her sophomore (1961) or junior year (1962).

In cases like this one, we can’t provide a definitive date without further corroborating evidence. We can, however, often come close by using the clues embedded in the item as well as other historical records in the Webster University Archives.

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Dear Barbara: Requesting Articles

Dear Barbara,

Please help! My instructor says that I need peer-reviewed or scholarly articles for my assignment. When I searched the library databases, I found a few with full-text (those that I could access immediately). Many sources looked promising, but I was not able to view them. How can I get access to these articles quickly, even if I’m studying online or at an extended campus?


Appreciative Article Reader



Dear Appreciative Article Reader,


Never fear! The Library will come to your rescue! With a few simple steps, you can request the article, and the library can request it from another school on your behalf. In 2-3 business days, you will receive an electronic copy of the article that will be available to you for two weeks.


When you see an article that does not have full-text available, simply click the Article Linker Icon. This will check all of our databases in one search so that you don’t have to check them individually.

If it isn’t available in any of our databases, you will see the blue “Request it Here” button.

Click Request it Here, and you will be redirected to a system called ILLIAD, where you can keep track of your requests and read the articles that you’ve received. Pow! Bang! It’s that simple!


If you have any questions about the process or accessing your requests, contact our friendly Research Services Librarians for answers!


Informationally Yours,

Barbara Gordon

Mild-mannered librarian by day

Batgirl by night

ABC. 1967. Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.


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Ask Marian: Connecting Google Scholar To Webster University Library

Dear Marian,
I’ve been using Google Scholar to find articles for my research assignments. Often, only a preview of an article is available. How can I know if these articles are available through the library without checking each article individually?
Grateful Googler
Dear Grateful Googler,
What an excellent question! There is an easy way to connect Google Scholar to Webster University Library. This will allow you to see which of your Google Scholar search results are available in Full-text through the library. When searching Google Scholar, simply click the Library Links option in your Google Scholar settings, and search for Webster University Library. Then check the box that says Webster University Library- Full-Text @ Webster.
scholar screenshot
From then on, when you are logged into your Google account, you will be able to see which of your results are available in full text from the library.
Don’t forget that even if an article does not have full-text availability, you may still request it using ILLIAD!
Informationally Yours,
Marian the Librarian
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Library’s Spring 2017 Webinars / Online Presentations

On Thursday, Jan. 19, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Central, the library will present its popular Overview of Library Resources webinar for those new to Webster or new to library research. To register and to view the full spring lineup of online presentations read more below or please visit http://library.webster.edu/webinars Continue reading

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Ask Marian: Finding a specific article

Dear Marian,

My instructor gave me a citation for a journal article, but I’m not sure how to look it up. How can I find it on the library website if I don’t know what database it’s in?


Database Directionless

Dear Database Directionless,

You can find an article or journal by using the Journals/Magazines/Newspaper List. This is a searchable list of all of the periodicals to which Webster University Libraries subscribe, with directions to databases that contain those periodicals. You can search the list, then choose the database that has your journal, then click Look up Article to find the volume and issue that contains your article.

  1. On the library homepage (library.webster.edu), click Articles/Databases.


  1. Then select Journals/Magazine/Newspaper List


3. Then type the title of the journal into the search bar, and click Search


4. You will see a list of databases that contain your journal, and you can find the article by clicking Look up Article, then selecting the volume and issue that contains it.


Informationally Yours,

Marian the Librarian

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Dear Marian: Capstone Projects

Dear Marian,

I’m nearing the end of my graduate degree, and I’m taking MED 6000 this semester. I just found out that I have to write a capstone paper, and that I will have to use library resources to do my research. Libraries have changed so much since the last time I was in school, and I don’t know where to get started. Please help!


In the Home Stretch
Dear In the Home Stretch,

The library can help! Our website has many research guides that will give you the information to get started, including our Capstone and Thesis Research Guide. We also have guides on writing a literature review and MLA and APA styles.

Throughout the semester, the library offers online training webinars. You can sign up for webinars on such subjects as selecting a topic, using Google Scholar, or just a general overview of services that the library offers (just to name a few). You can sign up in advance, and watch online as a librarian demonstrates and answers your questions. Even if you have a busy schedule and cannot attend it live, you can view recordings on demand.

Don’t forget that librarians are standing by to answer your questions. You can call, text, chat, or visit the library reference desk for help. Librarians are available and even during evenings and weekends, and can be reached via chat 24 hours a day!

Good luck with your capstone project, ITHS! We hope to hear from you soon!


Informationally Yours,

Marian the Librarian

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Library Resource Spotlight: Mango Languages


By Sarah Reando, Reference Librarian

Mango is an exciting foreign language learning resource available through the Webster University Library Website. This resource allows you to take a self-paced interactive course, and includes listening, speaking and writing. Language learning can be stressful, but the creators of Mango make it fun with humor and easy navigation.

Mango city

Mango offers 72 languages, and includes special course for your interests and skills. Some courses are tailored to absolute beginners, while others can help an intermediate or advanced learner develop a special skill set for work or personal interest. There are courses on medical and legal jargon, text message slang, hobbies and more. There is even a course on the Pirate dialect of English!

To get started, go to the Webster University Library Databases page and select Mango from the drop-down menu. Log in with your name and student number, just as you would any other online resource. You will then be prompted to create an account if you wish to save your progress, or log in as a guest. One reason that Mango is so effective is that it requires you to practice speaking, so make sure that you have a computer or headphones with a microphone and a quiet place to study. Download the iPhone and Android apps for study on the go!

For more information about Mango, contact the Webster University Library Reference Desk.

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Dear Marian: Presentations and Attribution

Dear Marian,

I have to do a presentation for class and want to create a PowerPoint. Everything I hear says that a good PowerPoint is not just text, so I want to incorporate lots of photos and quotes. Since this is not a formal paper, I don’t have to cite this stuff right?

Visually Interesting but a Little Uncertain

Dear Uncertain,

I’m so glad you asked before you get yourself into trouble. You have probably encountered tools to help you properly cite resources such as books and scholarly articles when writing research papers. But other types of sources must also be attributed. This includes films, audio, and graphic evidence from online data sources.

In a presentation, you don’t have to follow the formality of citation, but you must give attribution. Try to include:

  • the name of the creator of the work
  • the title
  • year(s) when it was composed/completed
  • date the work was retrieved
  • the website from which the work was retrieved (a hyperlink if the format allows).

Attribution isn’t just necessary for your assignments. Attributing images and other works in blogs and social media is an important part of digital citizenship. Proper attribution doesn’t just keep you safe legally, but promotes an ethical internet community.

Every style has its own rules for citation of content. It can be confusing, so the librarians at Webster University created a guide to the subject. Check it out! And as always, when in doubt, Ask a Librarian!

Informationally yours,

Image: Shirley Jones as Marian the Librarian in The Music Man (Warner Brothers, 1962). Image provided by Artsmeme.

Image: Shirley Jones as Marian the Librarian in The Music Man (Warner Brothers, 1962). Image provided by Artsmeme.

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Helpful Webinars for Faculty and Students

This fall, in addition to webinars for students new to Webster or new to research, the library will offer some more advanced content for those who are starting more in-depth research papers or projects. For those just starting research, an overview webinar introduces our resources and services while other webinars cover citing sources and how to give a great presentation. For more experienced researchers, webinars include how to select a topic appropriate for a more in-depth research project and how to write a literature review.

The list of live and recorded webinars is available on the Webinars and Online Training research guide. On the Upcoming Webinars tab, you may register to attend a live webinar or to be notified when the recording is available. Can’t wait for the webinar? We have over a dozen webinars already recorded and ready for you to watch. Check the Recorded Webinars tab to view the recordings anytime you need a little extra help.

Here’s the list of upcoming webinars for fall 2016. Register today for a webinar. Even if you cannot make it, a recording of the webinar will be sent to those who registered a few days after the event.

  • Overview of Library Resources – Fall 1 8/25/2016 6 pm 1 hour
  • Selecting a Topic and Beginning Your Research 9/1/2016 6pm 1 hour
  • Your Scholarly Literature Review 9/8/2016 6pm 1 hour
  • Using Google Scholar for Research 9/15/2016 12pm 30 minutes
  • Understanding Academic Integrity 9/16/2016 12pm 1 hour
  • Overview of Library Resources – Fall 2 10/26/2016 6pm 1 hour
  • Finding Tests, Surveys, and Other Measures 11/2/2016 5pm 1 hours
  • APA Style Demystified 11/9/2016 6pm 1 hour
  • Simple Steps to a Great Presentation 11/10/2016 12pm 30 minutes
  • Researching and Connecting to Prospective Employers 11/15/2016 12 pm 1 hour
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Gloria graduates from Webster.

So excited for my Webster graduation! There was a platform set up in front of the college and all 18 of us got to walk across the stage one by one. It’s been a lot of work but I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. #gloria41 #webster100


(This post is a fictional account based on a scrapbook kept by Gloria Meder Kast, Webster College class of 1941. For more information, please visit http://library.webster.edu/archives/findingaids/meder.html).

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