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Students and Staff

Staff 2014

Student Editors

Admira Alic is a junior majoring in International Studies with an emphasis in International Human Rights. She plans to earn a minor in Psychology and is considering attending graduate school to study Psychology further in the future. After she graduates from Webster University – Saint Louis, Alic would love to work for a non-governmental organization to defend human rights locally and globally.

Brandon Bandy is a freshman studying Film and Photography. He enjoys photographing people and working as a cinematographer on short films.

Julie Billingsley is a junior at Webster University – Saint Louis majoring in International Human Rights. The disciplines of Philosophy and Anthropology are of great importance to her, as well. She enjoys working at a local non-profit and hopes to continue her education at Washington University.

Andrew Bushway is a freshman at Webster University – Saint Louis and a first-time human rights student. He is an Audio Production major and hopes to someday be able to make a living playing, recording, and producing music.

Emily Deters is a senior earning her undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Although she never had a human rights class before taking “Current Problems in Human Rights,” where she served on the editorial team for Righting Wrongs, she enjoyed learning about rights issues around the world.

Emily Fry is a junior at Webster University – Saint Louis. She is pursuing a BA in Public Relations with a minor in International Human Rights, as well as an MA in Media Communications. After graduation, she plans to work for an education or health care organization in their public relations department.

Danielle Fuller is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis, where she is earning a B.A. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Unified Science. When she isn’t in class, she shares her love for science and the environment with children throughout the Saint Louis area.

Charles Harris is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. He is majoring in Video Production and enjoys writing in his free time. He hopes to make films and tell stories that promote awareness of human rights issues.

Ethan Jeffries is a senior Philosophy major earning a certificate in Ethics. His interests include care ethics, the philosophies of John Dewey and Karl Marx, and philosophy of education.

Angela Karas is a freshman at Webster University – Saint Louis who hopes to pursue a degree in either Business or Human Resource Management. She works for the leadership program on campus and regularly undertakes volunteer work with her church.

Rikiya Kawano is an exchange student from Kansai University in Japan. He is an International Relations major who is interested in different cultures and current events around the world. Kawano would like to keep learning and use the knowledge he gained in the United States after he returns home.

Miranda Kenny is a sophomore majoring in International Human Rights major with a Photography minor. When she finishes her undergraduate studies, she hopes to promote human rights in the Himalayas by working for non-governmental organization.

Dionne Todd is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis majoring in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources. “Current Problems in Human Rights” was her first human rights course, and now she is considering earning a second major in International Human Rights.


Faculty Advisor

Lindsey Kingston is an Assistant Professor of International Human Rights at Webster University. She serves as Director of the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, which includes overseeing the undergraduate and graduate human rights programs. Kingston earned her Ph.D. from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.