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Students and Staff

Student Reviewers

Akouvi Aholouvi was born in Togo, West Africa, to a mother from Ghana and a father from Benin. She is a senior studying International Human Rights and Cultural Anthropology, focusing her studies on the rights of youths. She hopes to one day be a motivational speaker to help young people understand that an extra push can mean that they are capable of doing anything.

Kara Bellavia is a senior International Human Rights major at Webster University. She has focused her studies on prisoners’ rights and food security. She works for Global Gardens, a nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma, where she teaches elementary students science, nutrition, and peace empowerment strategies through gardening. She has a four-year-old and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Erin Coleman is a Saint Louis native who studies International Human Rights and Cultural Anthropology. Throughout her time at Webster, her focus has been on critiquing the humanitarian discourse.

Marissa Diekhoff is a senior double-majoring in International Human Rights and Photography. After graduation, she plans to pursue an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths’ College with the hopes of engaging in ethnographic visual research in the future.

Monica Henson is a third year International Human Rights major with interests in International Law and Roma rights. She intends to go to graduate school to study either International Law or NGO Management. She loves llamas and would like to retire in Peru.

Miranda Kenny is a senior majoring in International Human Rights with a Photography minor. She hopes to use her photography to work on human rights issues.

Clare Schloemer is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis with a major in International Human Rights and a minor in History. When she finishes her undergraduate studies, she hopes to work for an NGO that focuses on the issues of foreign aid and development.


Faculty Advisor

Lindsey Kingston is an Assistant Professor of International Human Rights at Webster University. She serves as Director of the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, which includes overseeing the undergraduate and graduate human rights programs. Kingston earned her Ph.D. from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.