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About the Authors

Julie Billingsley is a Cultural Anthropology minor at Webster University – Saint Louis who is also earning a minor in International Human Rights. Previously a volunteer with Webster’s Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, Billingsley helped coordinate the university’s 2014 conference on the rights of the family.

Henrietta Campbell is an International Human Rights major and possible business entrepreneur at Webster University – Saint Louis. Queer theory and social justice are two blog-worthy topics she likes to indulge in.

Amy Clark is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis earning a major in Cultural Anthropology with minors in Women & Gender Studies and French. She hopes to work for a nonprofit organization upon graduation and eventually become a professor.

Hannah Cronic is a third year undergraduate student at the Florida State University. She is double majoring in Criminology and Psychology with the hopes of becoming a victim and substance abuse counselor. When she is not in class, Cronic researches suicide and anxiety disorders. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and enjoys giving back to her community.

Emily Fry recently graduated from Webster University – Saint Louis with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in International Human Rights. She is currently working on a Master’s degree in Media Communications at Webster. She hopes to use the power of messaging in her academic and professional careers to shed light on and prevent human rights abuses.

Maggie Hake is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis majoring in Political Science and minoring in both Women & Gender Studies and Media Communication. Her interests include feminist philosophy/theory and challenging patriarchal, white-supremacist hegemonic culture. A native to the area, Maggie plans to stay and work in Saint Louis after graduation.

Breanna Kinnett is a sophomore at Florida State University majoring in Criminology. She is also earning minors in French and Spanish, and she hopes to use the languages in nonprofit work in the future.

Kayla Mahoney is a Psychology major at Webster University – Saint Louis, where she is also earning a minor in Sociology. She helped coordinate Webster’s Annual Human Rights Conference on the Rights of the Family during her senior year in October 2014.

Rachel Miller is currently a junior at Florida State University. She is pursuing a dual degree with honors in Criminology with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, as well as a major in International Affairs with a concentration in Political Science. She is also studying Arabic and is a member of Lambda Alpha Epsilon-the American Criminal Justice Association.

Abigail Pavlich is a senior at Webster University – Saint Louis. She is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. After graduating, she plans on using her degree to become a social worker.