English Professor Karla Armbruster Co-edits ‘The Bioregional Imagination,’ March 30 Reception Planned

Cover of "The Bioregional Imagination"

The Bioregional Imagination: Literature, Ecology, and Place, recently published by the University of Georgia Press, lists a familiar name among its three co-editors: English Professor Karla Armbruster. The 440-page book is the first collection of essays in bioregional literary criticism.

In addition to teaching literature and professional writing, Armbruster is also chair of Webster’s Environmental Studies Committee. Her primary research areas are ecocriticism and American environmental literature. Armbruster is the author of a number of articles and book chapters on environmental writers and the representation of animals in literature; she also is the co-editor of Beyond Nature Writing: Expanding the Boundaries of Ecocriticism (Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 2002).

The University of Georgia Press website describes The Bioregional Imagination’s literary role: “Bioregionalism is an innovative way of thinking about place and planet from an ecological perspective. Although bioregional ideas occur regularly in ecocritical writing, until now no systematic effort has been made to outline the principles of bioregional literary criticism and to use it as a way to read, write, understand, and teach literature.”

Karla Armbruster

Among reviews of The Bioregional Imagination is one by Gary Snyder, a poet who is also widely known in the bioregionalism movement and environmentalism. Snyder states, “Combining ecological and geomorphological science with culture and politics, [bioregionalism] lays the groundwork for better ways to be on earth. This welcome anthology of cultural papers brings together a range of well-imagined texts and puts the bioregional project front and center for humanists, educators, and scientists.”

The Webster University community is cordially invited to attend a reception honoring Armbruster on the publication of The Bioregional Imagination. The event will be from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 30, in Room 2, Pearson House. RSVP to Karen Miller, 968-7170 or kmiller@webster.edu.