Dr. Andrea Rothbart Celebrates 55 Years Since First Teaching at Webster

In the fall of 1962, Sister Jacqueline Grennan, Vice-President of Webster College (A Catholic Girl’s College) contacted the Chair of the Math Dept. at Washington University requesting an instructor for an upper-division math course.

I was a graduate student in the math department at the time and became that instructor during the spring semester of 1963.  I taught two courses that semester.  One was an Advanced Calculus course for perhaps a dozen students at Webster, all of whom were nuns in habits who spoiled me terribly. The other class was a Second Semester Calculus class at Washington U. in a big lecture hall full of students who spoiled me not at all.  It was quite a contrast.

Fast forward to now, 55 years after I first taught a course at Webster.  I continue to love teaching here and to feel spoiled by my students as I did in 62.  They are bright and hard-working high school and community college math teachers, and the difference between their sophistication as mathematicians when they enter the Math for Educators program and when they graduate is palpable, which gives me great pleasure. And our students routinely tell us that they are grateful that our program exists, as well as how much our program has positively affected their own teaching.

So I’ve been lucky.

This has been my dream job.

One can’t be luckier than that.